Father’s Day! ‘Only a Whisper Away!’

Happy Father’s Day ~ in heaven ~ to my wonderful Dad ❤️


Forever at rest in your favourite place in all the world. Brixham Bay.

Your last wish… An honour and a pleasure, dad ❤️


A poem I wrote (copyrighted 2017 Caz Greenham)


“Only a Whisper away”

Don’t cry for me,

for I’m not gone.

I’m only a whisper away.


Call my name,

‘I promise I’ll hear.

I’m only a whisper away.


Think of me in your dreams,

And I’ll meet you there.

I’m only a whisper away.


I’m the breeze in your hair,

I’m the wind that kisses your cheek.

I’m raindrops that fall,

I’m with you everywhere.


So…don’t be sad,

just call my name.

For I’m not gone,

I’m only a whisper away.


Rose. my favourite yellow rose.

God Bless! My lovely ole dad 🍷🍷 Cheers! Miss you every single day

Football is his game! Winning…his aim! Please welcome my special guest. Footballer, Kieran Payne!

He’s tall. Handsome. And looks fabulous wearing a suit. Meet my eldest Grandson, Kieran.


Aged sixteen, Kieran’s end-of-term exams are finally over. We all wish you lots of luck with the results. My family’s motto has always been: Work hard. Aim high. Do your best. No matter what the outcome, be proud of your achievements in the knowledge that you gave it your best shot. We are all so very proud of you, Kieran. We know how hard you’ve studied.

Kieran’s always been a keen footballer. Football crazy some might say. A great team player who’s already enjoyed enormous success playing in local football teams. Striker, he told me earlier, is his favourite position. Not surprising considering he scored a whopping 19 goals last season. Well done! He’s also an experienced left mid-field player.

kieran (4th from the left) with his team mates. This week. Looking smart modelling their new kit ❤️


A younger Kieran, below, …determined as ever to get that goal…

Kieran. Footballer.

Kieran’s a Bristol Rovers supporter: same as his dad. But, his ultimate football hero is Cristiano Ronaldo. A Portuguese international who currently plays for Real Madrid team in Spain. I asked him, why this player? ‘He’s my favourite player because he used to play for Manchester United; a team I support now. He was my favourite player then too. I’ve continued to support him ever since.’



Today, we’re taking a trip back through the years…photos tell a thousand stories.

Proud moments! Fun photos! Family fun! In no particular order.

Photo: The Memorial Stadium. Kieran and Ollie Clarke. Bristol Rovers player.


Photo: David Beasant and a young Kieran looking excitedly proud. Football trophy Presentation at a local football club.


Photo: Year 6 Leavers’ disco at school (kindly arranged and organised by Kieran’s mum and her friend) A good time was had by all. Lots of friends joined Kieran for a fabulous party. (I haven’t posted any group photos).


Photo: Family fun! Celebrating Kieran’s dad’s 40th birthday, at the pub. And no, Kieran’s not really drinking that pint of lager. We all enjoyed a fabulous birthday meal inside.


Enjoying a pint (again) …with his dad…a pint of cocoa-cola! Holiday time, abroad, with his family. Sweltering heat by the look of you both, Kieran. (Pint of lager looks refreshing, Justin).


Below: A more recent photo: taken April 2016. My youngest Grandson, Ethan, with  Kieran. A special photo of you both together. An early 6th birthday celebratory meal at the Prince William, in Brixham. Behind the camera and out of view; and probably at the bar **laughs** is Kieran’s mum, dad, sister, and grampy.


Below: A proud moment. An article published in the local newspaper. Kieran’s ‘hit the headlines’ Yep! That’s our boy in the photo wearing the yellow shirt!


Football is definitely Kieran’s game! A team photo-shot. Fun. Happy days. I’m not sure if this was take before or after the match. If it was after, I can only assume they Won judging from their smiley faces.


Above photo: A fun game of crazy golf with the family. Looks like you might’ve won.

I love these holiday photos. Especially as I’ve never been on a plane. Whenever there’s fun to be had, you’ll always find Kieran having a good time. Travelling by plane, and enjoying superb food and splendid views from their hotel…coming next.

 And then the holiday begins…

Back in the UK and it’s time for more fun and laughter in Brixham Bay. Cousins enjoying a bit of a laugh on the beach. I love this photo. Taken April 2016 at the Breakwater.


Above: random footie photos. Left: Kieran soon joins the locals at his holiday destination for a kick around ~~ Right: watching Man. Utd. Translated for those in faraway lands, Manchester United. I did edit this photo. Kieran was actually standing with his friends at the time.

 Love the football trainers!

And when he’s not kicking a ball about, he’s enjoying a game of tenpin bowling with his mates…

Chillin’ and wearing his smart white football kit, Kieran’s watching a game on screen… as you’d expect.

 Every picture tells a different story. Photo memories last forever.

Thank you for joining me on my blog today, Kieran. I’ve enjoyed every minute. I hope you did too.

Lastly, for those of you who appreciate poetry. A poem written by Kieran. Published by his primary school. Copyrighted to Kieran Payne 2017. No copying permitted.


I love your poem, Kieran. What’s more…readers…it was published before my poem. **smiles proudly** #ProudGrannyMoment naturally. ❤️

Specs…spex…spectacles ~ Caz is glasses free… Delighted!

IMG_8370I’ve been wearing glasses 🤓 for yonks…at least 20 years. Distance got fuzzy. One day, long ago, and with my eldest daughter in the passenger seat beside me on our way home from work during the wintry six o’clock rush hour, I thought nothing of winding my driver’s window down as we approached roundabouts. It was dark! It wasn’t until years later, I confessed to her during a cuppa tea and cake,  that I couldn’t see anuff while driving in the dark. Gasps! True!

Sensibly, I did the right thing: went to the opticians. Besides needing glasses for distance, and reading, I have a condition called night blindness. No other optician has since mentioned it. It’s inherited from my Grandfather, apparently. A difficulty seeing in the dark. Everything looks ‘pitch black’ ~ the reason I don’t relish driving at night. And rarely do.

Moving on…a year ago I began forgetting to wear my glasses when I went off on my dog walk with my 2 cocker spaniels. Strange things began to happen. No fuzziness. Everywhere I looked it was as clear as a bell. I could hardly believe my eyes – excuse the pun. Gradually, I’ve worn my specs less and less around the house. I soon realised I didn’t need them to look across the road, watch the sparrows, blackbirds, or (Eric) seagulls on nextdoor’s roof. Hey ho! Things were 👀  looking up. Once or twice, I announced to my husband as I drove him to his hospital appointment, “bugger, I’ve left my glasses home!” His casual reply, ‘drive slowly then’ 😘

I needn’t have worried about forgetting to wear me specs, after all. During my optician appointment yesterday. I hurriedly explained my news. I could see quite, er, very, clearly without my glasses. Quickly adding, ‘same thing happened to my ole dad when he was about the same age.’

Yes! Result! My pupils have narrowed. And, there’s more good news. My dodgy left eye has also mysteriously improved. Would be fabulous if I could also read without the need of specs. I doubt that will happen. But, I’m delighted with the findings. Who wouldn’t be? Wearing glasses while out walking in the rain is a bloody nuisance. Never mind the steaming up of the lens.

So…my current glasses (I have many) have been ‘converted’ to enable me to wear as sunglasses, to also be able to read in or outside, and become clear again when I go into shops: I can read labels! Hey ho! Thank you, Spex Opticians. Lovely people. IMG_8785

‘Tis said, our eyes are the mirror of one’s soul. I believe that too. Eyes tell a story. Show our happiness. Eyes tell the world if we’re sad. Can also tell doctors/specialists about certain illnesses. Marvellous. Clever stuff. We must all look after our eyes. Get them checked regularly. I’m glad I do.


I’m now so fascinated by eyes, I’ve set myself a task. Comparing my family’s eyes 👀I’ve discovered my youngest Granddaughter, Emily, who will be two in August, and born on the same day as my Grandmother Beatrice that she has inherited my eyes. Same eyes. I’ve always thought how beautiful her eyes were…o’course she takes after her Granny Caz. I discovered this yesterday when I put these two cropped photos side by side.


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Brixham Battery Gardens! ‘And the dogs went too!’

Off on my jolly…and my dogs went too!

Tails a-wagging (my dogs o’course) Lucy and Rosie took me for a walk to the Battery Gardens. A short walk from my home. Beneath the most beautiful blue skies and occasional bobtail clouds over Brixham Bay, we took in the ambience of stunning sea views, salty sea air (that cleared my sniffly-hayfever-nose) which brought a peachy warm glow to me cheeks! As always, I snapped away on my iPhone. All photos are by me, Caz.

Brixham Battery Gardens oozes history. An open space on the seashore here in Brixham. A traditional observation point where locals, and holidaymakers (Grockles) gather whatever the weather. Come rain, shine, drizzle, sleet, brilliant sunshine (you get the idea) folk gather for the finest views across the Bay.

The 14-acre site of Battery Gardens was first used as a battery in 1586 during the war between England and Spain. The Battery was not permanently armed but was certainly ‘active’ throughout the American War of Independence during the 1780s and the Napoleonic War against France during the first decade of the 19th century. The Battery was also used by the Coast Guard for gunnery training during the 1870s. It’s no wonder visitors flock here in their droves during summer, mostly. Autumn at the Battery is just as magical. So many tall trees. I love to listen to the winds rustling the leaves to the ground. But, I am not a winter person. Summer is my favourite time. A refreshing sea breeze is guaranteed to blow away any cobwebs…clears my head. Refreshing. Good for the soul.

If you visit Brixham, do go along to the Battery Gardens. Lots of benches to sit down on and stare out across the bay. You’ll see ships, yachts, little boats, maybe the Brixham Ferry…exhilerating views. I love a ferry ride from Brixham to Torquay. Fabulous!

A few photos I took this morning:

Thanks for dropping by 🌞

Good ‘early’ morning all! Daylight at 4.30a.m? Nah!

Good morning dear friends…

…Can’t believe I’m sitting here munching wholemeal toast with thick butter and scrummy marmalade at this hour. Well, I’m not entirely alone, of course. Sharing my toast with my eldest bestie, Lucy-dog. Little Rosie-dog is fast asleep. They’re cocker spaniels. Getting on a bit now. Age 10 and 11.

Why did I get up so early? I’m retired. A granny to four. Yep, I’m an author, but, not one who usually gets up early in the morning to start writing the next best seller. However, I must say, while on the subject of writing: Book 2. A Fairy’s Wish and Book 3 The Christmas Circus were placed on Amazon’s Best Seller List (top 100) at 69. And 70. Found under Children’s books. Birds. E-books. I was so delighted I took a screenshot of the Amazon page. Why under Birds? I hear you say. I write The Adventures of Eric Seagull ‘Storyteller’ set in beautiful Brixham Bay, and where I live. By the sea. Hence, Birds Listing; just to mention one of a few. To those of you who have bought my books, A Fairy’s Wish book 2. or, The Christmas Circus book 3. A huge thank you. Your support is greatly appreciated. If you’ve a moment or three, perhaps you would leave a few (nice) comments on Amazon (reviews). I have to say, Book 1. The Mysterious Sea Creatures is my favourite out of the three in the series. I’m not sure if authors have favourites, generally speaking – I may change my mind next week, o’course!

Glancing out of the window, I spy the rain ☔️ has finally stopped beating down. Grey Brixham clouds seem to be clearing. IMG_8521.JPGWell, it’s pretty windy up there in the sky. I’m quite surprised my garden parasols haven’t blown over. One did just that yesterday afternoon. Crashed into the trellis. No damage to the Jasmin, thankfully.

Dogs have now dozed off and sleeping soundly. No snoring from the other room. One of the reasons I got up so early 😉 And, of course, heavy rain lashing against the window pane. Time to make my first coffee of the day. I’ve got a rather stunning new glass…yes…glass, kettle. Blue LED lights. Rather elegant, I know. IMG_8519.JPG

Enjoy your day.

Chat again soon. Feel free to leave a comment below. Or wherever the comment box is.


Heavenly scents. Garden hues. Sweet Jasmine. Sweet scented roses. Brixham Gardens

My favourite time of year when the roses are blooming and the Jasmine fills my Brixham garden with the most delightful scents.

Sea. Sun. Blue skies. Beautiful Brixham Bay.

Sharing my sea views in Brixham Bay. Taken after a perfect steak at the Bistro at the Breakwater beach, Brixham. A superb meal served by friendly staff. Overlooking the Breakwater Beach, o’course!

Books for younger readers. Brixham sea adventures “The Adventures of Eric Seagull” by Caz Greenham

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