Caz Greenham (short for Carole) was born in Bristol in 1949. As a teenager of fifteen she left school and started work in an office. She passed typing and audio-typing exams at a private secretarial academy, enabling her to work in many different offices as an audio-secretary in and around Bristol for many years.  She always wanted to be a writer, and several years later after a chance conversation with a family friend, she was persuaded to buy a laptop and pursue her writing dream. Her typing skills came in pretty handy.

Caz’s first children’s book  The Mysterious Sea Creatures was published by SilverWood Books in February 2013. Book 2. A Fairy’s Wish was published six months later. Book 3.  The Christmas Circus was published November 2015.

Caz is often asked the question, “What inspired you to write about a quirky seagull? And why did you call him Eric?”

Here’s Caz’s reply:

“My main character, Eric Seagull, was based on a Professor of Physics who worked with my dad in the sixties and into the seventies. Eric, the professor, asked me to dance at a Christmas party my dad organised, while my best friend Sylvia (owner of a ‘mobile disco’ ~ all the rage in the sixties and seventies ~  played the (record) Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree). Eric asked my dad’s permission to dance with his daughter, me! No, was my answer. He was far too old! As a young girl, I found the ‘hedge’ growing out of his large (flaring) nostrils far from attractive. My dad simply smiled, and said nothing. Eric wore a flamboyant waistcoat and bow tie. His hair was sunshine yellow and extremely messy. And so, my Eric Seagull was born many years later in 2009 when a local Seagull gave me the eye 😎 **laughs** as I walked by.”

Our eyes met. Neither would look away. He was perched atop a tall pole. I noticed his unusual messy tufted feathers atop his head. 😘 I did wonder if it was the same gully that tried snatching my ice cream from my hand the week before! Or maybe the huge gull I spotted flying straight at me and just a few feet from the ground a week earlier. It was at that point that I decided my main character in my children’s books would be a hero Seagull. 


Caz lives with her husband and two dogs overlooking the ocean. Lucky girl. Not far from where she was inspired to write The Adventures of Eric Seagull ‘Storyteller’ series. A fan of beach-combing and a paddle along the shoreline, she’s often recognised by locals at her local beach, or pub. When she’s not writing you’ll often find her dipping her toes in rock pools: annoying local crabs and little sea creatures, or sun worshipping beneath the HOT Devon skies! 

Caz’s poem, ‘Only a Whisper Away’ was published in a book of verse  in 2013 and is often read out in churches across the country. It’s a real tear jerker. Sad.

Other Authors in Caz’s Family

A love of writing and reading good books is definitely in her family’s genes! Caz’s late cousin and author Doreen Tovey, wrote many books about Siamese cats. They’re read all over the world, as well as Life With Grandma which is about Caz’s own Great Grandmother born in Argentina. Cousin Doreen was President of The Siamese Cat Club until her passing in January 2008. She is greatly missed.

Caz’s eldest Grandson had his poem published: before his Granny! A proud Granny moment.

Her youngest Grandson: loves storytelling at bedtime. 

Caz’s eldest Granddaughter has been horse-riding since she was five-years-old. She’s now a teen and doing very well. 

Her eldest daughter is a senior hair stylist. Creativity on a different level.

She’s not sure what the others will be doing when they grow up!

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