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Only A Whisper Away

Beautiful rose from my dad’s garden

A poem I wrote after I lost my dad to Prostate Cancer. I hope it offers some comfort to those of you who’ve lost someone dear, as it did me.

My wedding day with my lovely dad

Only a Whisper away (copyright Caz Greenham)

Don’t cry for me,

For I’m not gone.

I’m only a whisper away.


Call my name,

I promise I’ll hear.

I’m only a whisper away.


Think of me in your dreams,

And I’ll meet you there.

I’m only a whisper away.


I’m the breeze in your hair,

I’m the wind that kisses your cheek.

I’m raindrops that fall,

I’m with you everywhere.


So…don’t be sad,

Just call my name.

For I’m not gone,

I’m only a whisper away.

Brixham Bay

Love you, dad x


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