Conker, meaning “knockout”

The game of Conkers dates back as far as 1821, when the first ever recorded game was played on the Isle of Wight in 1848. In 1965 the first world Conker Championships took place in Ashton, Northamptonshire, which still continue on the second Sunday of October-raising thousands of pounds for charity each year.

Regionally, Conkers are also known as obblyonkers, cheggies or cheesers. In D.H. Lawrence’s book “Sons and Lovers”, the game is referred to as cobblers by William More. The name may come from the dialect word Conker, meaning “knock out”.

Autumn has arrived:

Remembering my younger days growing up in the fifties, Conkers and Marbles were the highlight of outdoor fun. Wonderful times. The great outdoors. No television. Mobile phones, and certainly no internet. Thankfully, I have so many memories of growing up in the 50s…


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