We will remember them…

No words today. 11th November...


Eric Seagull, storyteller, landed on my handbag

Great blog by Jessie Cahalin... Introducing the engaging, children’s writer, Caz Greenham and her collection of seafaring adventures.  Who doesn’t love Eric Seagull?  Dear readers, I’m delighted to present an extract from my third children’s book in “The Adventures of Eric Seagull ‘Storyteller’” 3-book-series. ‘The Christmas Circus’. The extract below is taken from one of… Continue reading Eric Seagull, storyteller, landed on my handbag

Where I write? #AmWriting

I write a lot inside my head while out walking my 2 cocker spaniels, Lucy and Rosie. I don’t plan out whole chapters, but, I do hear complete conversations between my characters. It’s no wonder I smile a lot when I’m walking near my home in South Devon. By the time I get home, prepared… Continue reading Where I write? #AmWriting

🐸 Frogs. Toads. Garden visitors…

Isn't he stunning? I've named this garden visitor Vic. Well, I say visitor loosely. 'Vic' lives in the middle border of my garden enjoying the best coverage with 'Creeping Jenny" an evergreen ground covering plant. He shares his home with frogs 🐸 big and small. Readers: Does anyone know if Vic is a toad or frog.… Continue reading 🐸 Frogs. Toads. Garden visitors…

Kindness Matters!

I read somewhere that there's a story behind the photo. And so it goes... Harper Collins UK made this postbox so that those who work in the building could post kind notes to each other: to coincide with publication of that little book on kindness. A lovely idea, don't you think?

MINCE PIES! And it’s only October!

I spy with my little eye…something beginning with M.P ~ scrummy mince pies! It’s not Christmas at ours ’til we’ve eaten our first 'homemade' mince pie of the (Christmas) season (oops...I mentioned Christmas and it's only just October). Believe me mince pies and Christmas cakes will be hitting the shelves by the end of the month! Watch this… Continue reading MINCE PIES! And it’s only October!

Scone (pronounced scoane) or Scon?

IT is quintessentially English - and yet the scone is something the country as a whole simply can't agree about. So, is it Sc-oa-ne for you, or Scon? I know that it's always been a Sc-oa-ne for me and my family. Living in Devon, as I do, it's always clotted cream on first, followed by… Continue reading Scone (pronounced scoane) or Scon?

Dogs o’ Brixham 🐶 #NationalDogDay

  Our four-legged furry friends never cease to make me smile. Love the cocker spaniel wearing his trilby hat. Today, while my two besties, Lucy and Rosie, were enjoying a wash and brush-up at A1 Dog Groomers here in Brixham, I took delight in snapping a few photos:  With the owners permission, naturally! Firstly, let… Continue reading Dogs o’ Brixham 🐶 #NationalDogDay

#July in my Brixham garden 💐 

July already...and our Brixham weather's been superb! The parasols, all 3 of them, are UP! Sharing my sunny terrace with you all today. Stunning colours. Heaven's scents. Marvellous. While you admire the colours, plants, roses, and o'course my dogs who are never far away, I'm off to make a jug of pimms 💕🍷🍷 My Garden… Continue reading #July in my Brixham garden 💐