Christmas Day in Picturesque Brixham Bay! The Old Market House

Wishing family, friends, followers, and readers a belated Happy New Year, 2020. Christmas Day Lunch at The Old Market House We (husband Geoff came too) arrived at The Old Market House a tad early for our pre-booked Christmas Day lunch. We were greeted with a friendly smile by the hostess, and offered a complementary glassContinue reading “Christmas Day in Picturesque Brixham Bay! The Old Market House”

Scone (pronounced scoane) or Scon?

IT is quintessentially English – and yet the scone is something the country as a whole simply can’t agree about. So, is it Sc-oa-ne for you, or Scon? I know that it’s always been a Sc-oa-ne for me and my family. Living in Devon, as I do, it’s always clotted cream on first, followed byContinue reading “Scone (pronounced scoane) or Scon?”

#July in my Brixham garden 💐 

July already…and our Brixham weather’s been superb! The parasols, all 3 of them, are UP! Sharing my sunny terrace with you all today. Stunning colours. Heaven’s scents. Marvellous. While you admire the colours, plants, roses, and o’course my dogs who are never far away, I’m off to make a jug of pimms 💕🍷🍷 My GardenContinue reading “#July in my Brixham garden 💐 “

Father’s Day! ‘Only a Whisper Away!’

Happy Father’s Day ~ in heaven ~ to my wonderful Dad ❤️ Forever at rest in your favourite place in all the world. Brixham Bay. Your last wish… An honour and a pleasure, dad ❤️ ~~~ A poem I wrote (copyrighted 2017 Caz Greenham) ~~~~~~~~~ “Only a Whisper away” Don’t cry for me, for I’mContinue reading “Father’s Day! ‘Only a Whisper Away!’”

Horse riding is her passion! Our furry animals adore her: Meet my special guest, Sophie Payne!

My special guest has the twinkliest eyes, and the warmest smile. Meet my eldest Granddaughter, fifteen-year-old Sophie. Sophie’s love of horses began when she was a little girl aged six-years-old. It began during a sunny day at the beach with her mum, dad, and brother. Noticing a sign, ‘Donkey Rides’ Sophie soon found herself enjoyingContinue reading “Horse riding is her passion! Our furry animals adore her: Meet my special guest, Sophie Payne!”

Birthday wishes…17 today! Meet my gorgeous Grandson, Footballer, Kieran!

He’s tall. Handsome. And looks fabulous in his suit. Meet my eldest Grandson, Kieran. 17 today! Happy Birthday, Kieran! Kieran’s been a keen footballer ever since he could walk. Football crazy some might say. A great team player who’s already enjoyed enormous success playing in local football teams. Striker, he told me earlier, is hisContinue reading “Birthday wishes…17 today! Meet my gorgeous Grandson, Footballer, Kieran!”

Brixham Battery Gardens! ‘And the dogs went too!’

Off on my jolly…and my dogs went too! Tails a-wagging (my dogs o’course) Lucy and Rosie took me for a walk to the Battery Gardens. A short walk from my home. Beneath the most beautiful blue skies and occasional bobtail clouds over Brixham Bay, we took in the ambience of stunning sea views, salty seaContinue reading “Brixham Battery Gardens! ‘And the dogs went too!’”