Beatrix Potter. Queen of The Lake District.

Beatrix Potter…my favourite author…


Beatrix Potter, the writer of one of the most beloved children’s book of all time, The Tale of Peter Rabbit (1902), was a woman of immense talent, indefatigable spirit, and generous heart.

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Helen Beatrix, the eldest of the two children of Rupert and Helen (Leech) Potter, was born on 28 July 1866 at 2 Bolton Gardens, South Kensington, London.  Although Beatrix and her brother, Walter Bertram (1872-1918), grew up in London, both were deeply influenced by long family holidays in the countryside, first in Scotland and later in the English Lake District, and by their northern roots.

As was the custom in families of her class, Beatrix was educated at home by several governesses.  An eager student of languages and literature, she grew up loving classic folk and fairy tales, rhymes and riddles.  Her talent for drawing and painting was discovered early and encouraged.  She drew her own versions of such stories as Cinderella

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Join Me On My Stroll in #Brixham Bay

Pretty Brixham. I wouldn't live anywhere else! And why would I? Photos (and I have many) taken during my dog walk in the picturesque Fish Town of Brixham Bay. All Saint's Church situated just a short stroll from my home and has so much history. At 8pm each evening, we can hear the church bells ringing… Continue reading Join Me On My Stroll in #Brixham Bay

#Devon author, Helen Hollick, and #FrankSinatra have so much in common!

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#Brixham Pirate Festival Weekend 2018

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Sub-zero spring & our wildlife!

A chill wind sweeps across the hilly South Devon landscape (where I live), causing me to shiver and shudder on my early morning dog walk with my two cocker spaniels. As we head down the winding road towards the sea, my eyes weep at the mercy of the coldest winds hitting me in the face.… Continue reading Sub-zero spring & our wildlife!

#Spring has Sprung

The clocks have gone forward. I've seen narcissi, crocuses, even daffodils. Like sap, my hopes are rising. My S.A.D (winter depression) has finally diminished. **Smiles** Could last weekend's plummeting temperatures have been the final door slam of that long, cold winter? About blooming time! Most of the country had snow. Our devon garden looked pretty wearing… Continue reading #Spring has Sprung

#PancakeDay 2018 Shrove Tuesday ~ I made 8 fantastical pancakes. Drop by and take a look.

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Robins. The #Winter garden cutie

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#ChristmasIsComing Christmas Countdown 2017

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#December – Dogs-in-coats! #ChristmasIsComing in #Brixham Bay

Sunny walk in #Brixham Bay with my 2 cocker spaniels, Lucy and Rosie. There's a winter chill in the air. We’ve enjoyed a crisp hour long walk and amazing sea views. Photos by moi 💕