F4CCDF8A-8F21-4FC2-9858-014EFDDC2C6AHello and welcome to my website.

I live in South Devon with my husband and our two cocker spaniels.

Prior to turning my attention to writing, I was, for more years than I care to remember, an audio-secretary. My daughters are grown-up with children of their own. I’m a proud Granny to four grandchildren.

I’m often asked the question, “What inspired you to write about a quirky seagull? And why did you call him Eric?”

My reply:

“My main character, Eric Seagull, is based on a Professor of Physics who worked with my dad in the early seventies. Eric, the professor, asked me to dance at a firm’s Christmas party my dad organised. Eric asked my dad’s permission to dance with his daughter, me! No, was my answer. Eric wore a flamboyant waistcoat and bow tie. His hair was yellow and extremely messy. Eric Seagull was born many years later in 2009 when a local seagull gave me the eye as I passed by.”  

Other authors in my family:

A love of writing and reading good books is definitely in my family’s genes! My mother’s late cousin, author Doreen Tovey, wrote many books about Siamese cats. She also wrote Life With Grandma which is about my Great Grandmother who sailed to England from Argentina at the age of 10. Cousin Doreen was President of The Siamese Cat Club until her passing in January 2008. 

My likes include: Writing because it’s so relaxing. Walking my dogs by the sea, and feeling the salty sea air and breeze on my cheeks. Baking. I actually make the best pancakes – according to my little Grandson. I enjoy gardening, as long as it doesn’t involve bending down. Planting up hanging baskets. Reading on my Kindle Library: though I have to say I prefer a ‘real’ book. I’m a fan of all types of music.

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