Christmas Day in Picturesque Brixham Bay! The Old Market House

Wishing family, friends, followers, and readers a belated Happy New Year, 2020.

Christmas Day Lunch at The Old Market House

We (husband Geoff came too) arrived at The Old Market House a tad early for our pre-booked Christmas Day lunch. We were greeted with a friendly smile by the hostess, and offered a complementary glass of Prosseco. (For security purposes, I’ve decided NOT to add names of staff). Geoff was driving that day, so no alcohol. Instead, he enjoyed a (complimentary) glass of apple juice. 

We were both delighted to be shown to our table that overlooked Brixham harbour, upstairs. The restaurant looked absolutely lovely. Christmassy decorations hung from beams in the high ceiling. Each table duly laid. Candle. Christmas cracker. You get the picture, I’m sure. A real Christmassy affair.

Our table, within ear-shot of the huge open ended kitchen, meant I could eavesdrop on the goings-on behind me. My finely tuned (author) ears weren’t disappointed, readers. I was pleasantly surprised to hear such wonderful teamwork, and amazing precision timing. I didn’t miss a thing, folks. The kitchen itself looked HOT and ultra busy with so many different meals being prepared and then served onto various plates and dishes.

Team Kitchen worked like clockwork. So impressed was I that I just had to reach for my iPhone and began snapping away with the camera. At which point, I did ask permission first, followed by ‘you’ll appear on my website later.’ As busy as they were and working to a time scale, everyone smiled at my lens. Such a cheerful lot, I thought. 

Team Brandon.    

Worked just as speedily. The kitchen to table service flowed without a hitch. Every table’s needs were catered for with speed. Glasses refilled in an instant. First class customer service all round. 


I thoroughly enjoyed someone else cooking my (superlicious) lunch! My starter, followed by an impressive turkey meal with scrumptious roasters (as good as mine too), and dessert (of my choice) was faultless. Cooked to perfection. Well done to everyone involved.

Manager, Brandon who wore an impressive Christmas sweater (as did his team) worked tirelessly throughout our visit, ensuring the smooth running of all aspects of the restaurant. 

Time To go home

We said our goodbyes, and made our way downstairs to the bar area. Suddenly, I spotted The Naughty Elf sitting next to the glass jar full of doggie biscuits. The question is, ‘Whatever was Elfie up to?’ CLEAN answers in the comments box, below. Others will be deleted. 

Above Photo credit: Me. CazGreenham

Below: Elf photos: credit: The Old Market House

I did hear a tale or two how Team Brandon kept The Naughty Elf as busy as a bee 🐝 in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Jobs galore. Poor Elfie. Maybe not so naughty after all. You decide.

Photo credit: The Old Market House
photo credit: The Old Market House
photo credit: The Old Market House
photo credit: The Old Market House
photo credit: The Old Market House
photo credit: The Old Market House
photo credit: The Old Market House

Who doesn’t love The Naughty Christmas Elf? Write in the comments box below.

Last but not least, enjoy a few random photos of the day taken by me.

A huge thank you to everyone at The Old Market House for making our Christmas Lunch so special.


Team Brandon (Manager and his spectacular Christmas sweater). And our lovely waitress.

Geoff’s dessert

My dessert

Guess who!

Wood burner on the ground floor

Team Kitchen

Team Brandon

Team Kitchen

Brixham harbour

Team Brandon & Team Kitchen

Restaurant ready & waiting. Soon 72 hungry folk will be tucking in to a splendiferous lunch

My beautifully cooked roast turkey lunch

A great success. Thank you all!

Caz & ‘im indoors! x

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