A chill in the air! I’d rather eat cake! (Baked by my clever Granddaughter)

Summer, my favourite time of year. Others, prefer Autumn. A few of my friends like Winter more than any other time of year. I have to say, I do look forward to Spring when the garden begins to come alive once more. And the days become longer, again. While I’m not a Winter person, I do enjoy pulling on a different bobble hat each day (I have many). The one time of year I show off my vast collection of scarves. I’ll admit to being a sufferer of SAD – winter depression – so when we do see sunny days at this time of year, I make sure I get outside and get a huge dollop of serotonin. Sunshine – I love how it makes me feel. Happy. Alive. Rejuvenated. Makes me smile and glad to be alive. Darker days have the exact opposite effect! So bring on the sunshine!

At this time of year, my 2 cocker spaniels like nothing more than a fun run on a sandy beach. I, of course, enjoy a paddle wearing my welly-boots. Last winter, on Boxing Day afternoon we had glorious sunshine here in Brixham. Too good to miss. So, off we all went to the beach. Fabulous. So up-lifting. Good for mind, body and soul. And then home for a slice of Christmas cake and cuppa tea. Or was it a Gin & Tonic? Mmm, probably both.

My darling girls are getting on a bit now. Lucy will be 14 in January. Rosie, 13 in March. So I make sure I enjoy every minute of every day with my loyal furry besties. Lucy, especially, follows me everywhere. She even sits outside the door when I’m having a shower. Now that is loyal, isn’t it? I think so.

Thank you for dropping by.

Caz x


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