Join Me On My Stroll in #Brixham Bay

Pretty Brixham. I wouldn’t live anywhere else! And why would I?

Photos (and I have many) taken during my dog walk in the picturesque Fish Town of Brixham Bay.

All Saint’s Church situated just a short stroll from my home and has so much history. At 8pm each evening, we can hear the church bells ringing out “Abide With Me” (a Christian hymn) written in 1847 by Scottish Henry Francis Lyte. He set it to music while he lay dying of tuberculosis; he only survived a further 3 weeks after its completion.

It is most often sung to English composer William Henry Monk’s tune entitled “Eventide” composed in 1861.

Henry Francis Lyte

Shortly after Lyte’s arrival in Brixham, the minister attracted such large crowds that the church had to be enlarged – the resulting structure later described by his grandson as a “hideous barn-like building”.

Stunning view across the outer harbour.

Lucy and Rosie

So well-behaved off their leads

Oxen Cove. Battery Gardens. Furzeham Green

Stunning sea views

I tend to use my iPhone to snap photos while I’m out and about in the bay. It’s small, easy to put in my bag or pocket. I’ve got a ‘real’ camera 🎥 but it’s a bit bulky to carry round. I might get mistaken for a sight seeing holidaymaker 😎 *laughs•

And then… home…we went!

My Books: The Adventures of Eric Seagull ‘Storyteller’ 3-book-series, set in picturesque Brixham Bay. Available on Amazon and most major online bookshops. Click the link or photo for more detail.


Brixham Marina. The Spanish El Galeón graced our waters for The Brixham Pirate Festival.




Caz Greenham Author Website The Adventures of Eric Seagull ‘Storyteller’ series


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