#Brixham Pirate Festival Weekend 2018

img_0744A sight to behold!

El Galeón weighs 500 tonnes, has an overall length of 160 feet and a beam of 32 feet. Four masts hold 6 sails which measure almost 11,000 square feet.

I was there. Were you? To get me in the mood, we…

…wined and dined (with husband Geoff) at the ever so busy and oh so popular Prince William at Brixham Marina: husband Geoff’s rump steak was cooked to perfecto. So was mine. My large glass of chilled Chardonnay was suitably chilled. Husband’s 🍺 pint of Tribute quenched his enormous thirst.

A huge thank you to the lovely Emma, and staff… we were, as usual, well looked after today.

And then…

the Brixham Fancy Dress… pirate ship… pirates and wenches a-plenty! All willing to pose in front of my lens. “Thanks me lovelies!” Find yerselves, if you be brave anuff!

Below: El Galeon, a Spanish galleon ship birthed at the Marina.


And now for some ‘ansome pirates!

Busy times in Brixham Bay. Holidaymakers galore, me shipmates! And, The Prince William (my regular eatery when it’s not taken over by pirates, that is).There be that there ship, again! (me talking like a pirate)!

A sleeping pirut! (pirate) No doubt ‘e’ll be walking the plank later, me ‘earties!

What’s going on yer me ‘earties?

Below: And there I be… ‘having a quick photo with a pirut (pirate) wench! (I could get used to this pirate garb)

A pirut (pirate) serenade or three!

They do ‘ang ’em ‘igh in Brixham Bay! Did thee’st know? Anyone know what his crime was? Nor me, and I lives yer! (Bit of my pirate lingo)

They seems like a nice lot! (what a nice bunch)

Yer be another… been in that cage a long time! Aye shipmates!

An’ another…poor sod!

Busy town! Brixham quayside.

And they luvs a bit of sing-song! (great music, lads)

Pondering a bit of plundering, no doubt!

Oh dear, that li’l ‘un aint too ‘happy ’bout the music (bottom right) Never mind, it’ll be over soon anuff me lad. (little boy; bottom corner, not looking too happy)

Pirates love to pose, dids’t thee know?

‘Ansum pair!

Below: Happy to pose for me lens, too. Thank you shipmates.

Hey dudes! Looking good shipmates! Thanks for posing for me lens today! (if you be wanting a copy of yer photo, let me know!) 

Well, someone has to work… Brixham Ferry Service…

A pirut taking a selfie… whatever next? (pirate taking his own photo)

Oops, that seafaring wench has summat in ‘er eye, me ‘earties! (Lady has a fly in her eye)

Couple of sea dogs, i’ll be blowed!

Below: A right ole bunch…up to no good… Pirates of Brixham Bay planning their next a-plundering, no doubt! Looking good me ‘parties! Good looking bunch.

Below: Brixham security! (Well someone’s got to do it!) handsome trio.

Where’s yer pirate clobber, me ‘earties! ‘ansum trio I ever did see. (Mia’s dad in the middle, all the way from Thailand indeed. Welcome to Brixham Bay!

Well… had to have me photo taken with Mia’s dad, didn’t I? All the way from Thailand too!

And so tall, I just had to have another picture! (Shut UP)!

Pirate dog!

Brixham harbour… oh so busy!

And then… home I did walk… back again Monday 7th May for some more pirate photos, and a tasty lunch at my favourite place, The Prince William, just the other side of the harbour. See you there!



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Thanks me ‘earties!



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