Where I write? #AmWriting

m236130_greenham_NR-62I write a lot inside my head while out walking my 2 cocker spaniels, Lucy and Rosie. I don’t plan out whole chapters, but, I do hear complete conversations between my characters. It’s no wonder I smile a lot when I’m walking near my home in South Devon.


By the time I get home, prepared a light lunch and feed the dogs, I quickly get those thoughts down on paper, before they fizzle out of my brain: scribbled on one of my many notepads ready to add to my ms later. Mind you, once I boot up the Applemac computer, the ideas and notions that buzzed around inside my head while walking the dogs usually flood back with no effort at all.

My books are set in Brixham where I live, which mean I do my research into place names etc. I often get through a thousand words or more a day.

One of the views from my office window


So where is this place I’m inspired to write the next best seller? Brixham o’course. (photos by me)

Our sunny terrace

Our garden has many visitors of the feathery kind. Sparrows, wood pigeons, the occasional robin, blackbirds. Living near the sea, it’s inevitable to see the occasional seagull or three. Often on next-door’s flat roof. They wouldn’t get away with perching on ours…the dogs wouldn’t allow that! Oh no! I love flowers, don’t you?

A few shots of my ‘borders’ below. Taken by moi!

I love living in Torbay. Only a short stroll and I’ve got the most amazing sea views. (Husband in the red shorts, by the way)

At precisely 8pm each evening we can hear the church bells ringing out at St. All Saints Church, about half-a-mile away. The poem (put to music) ‘Abide With Me’ ~ there’s so much history here in Brixham.

Of course I had a huge amount of inspiration for my three books “The Adventures of Eric Seagull ‘Storyteller’” (click the link for more about my books) right here in Brixham Bay. Most seagulls here are called Eric! I wonder why?

Click the cover to buy my books! You know you want to…

Eric Seagull-promo-3

I’m currently writing book 4. It’s not an Eric Seagull book, but I can tell you it’s for children from 9 – 14, also set here in Brixham Bay.

When I’m taking a break from writing, I go with my husband or family to one of our favourite restaurants overlooking the sea. I love eating out. No cooking!

My dogs Lucy and Rosie are never far from my side. They sleep in a big armchair a step or two from my (quite posh) leather swivel chair and minty green glass desk. Yes, I do like comfort when I’m writing, don’t I? And why not! When I take a photo, I’ll add it here. So drop back here for a look!

When I was at school, yonks ago, ‘she loves to daydream’ were the usual comments written at the bottom of my school report. And to that, I say, ‘well, hasn’t that daydreaming come in handy, Teacher?’ I still enjoy daydreaming. How else would I have managed to write 3 books? Nuff said.

I do, however, get a lot of writing done: my husband brings me tea and biscuits and peeps over my shoulder making sure that I’m actually writing, and not wasting time on twitter or facebook…




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