🐸 Frogs. Toads. Garden visitors…

IMG_9466Isn’t he stunning? I’ve named this garden visitor Vic. Well, I say visitor loosely. ‘Vic’ lives in the middle border of my garden enjoying the best coverage with ‘Creeping Jenny” an evergreen ground covering plant. He shares his home with frogs 🐸 big and small. Readers: Does anyone know if Vic is a toad or frog. I think toad. He doesn’t leap or hop. He struts! And boy oh boy can he strut his stuff!

I’ve adored frogs ever since I was a child. Our family garden was ‘alive’ with newts, frogs, toads, hedgehogs, enormous 🦉 owls: the owls lived at the bottom of the garden and would fly in for the bacon 🥓 rind my mum hung in the trellis outside the kitchen window. We kids would wait in the kitchen, lights off, and in he would swoop! Beautiful creature.

🐭 Mice! Now that’s a different matter. I’m scared of the little blighters. And that’s the very reason I created 🐭 Mouse Herbie. He appears in all my books. You can see more about my books here:

The Adventures of Eric Seagull ‘Storyteller’ 3-book-series, set in beautiful Brixham Bay! Click the cover for more detail.

Eric Seagull-promo-3

Thanks for dropping by today.

Caz xx



Caz Greenham Author Website http://www.cazgreenham.com Www.twitter.com/@CazGreenham http://Author.to/CazGreenham The Adventures of Eric Seagull ‘Storyteller’ series


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