Dogs o’ Brixham 🐶 #NationalDogDay


Our four-legged furry friends never cease to make me smile. Love the cocker spaniel wearing his trilby hat.

Today, while my two besties, Lucy and Rosie, were enjoying a wash and brush-up at A1 Dog Groomers here in Brixham, I took delight in snapping a few photos:  With the owners permission, naturally!

Firstly, let me introduce you to my girls…who said dogs don’t smile? Oh yes they do. Here’s my Lucy-dog…smiling for my lens.

Below, my Rosie…the frog hunter. She’s never caught a frog, nor would she. When frogs appear late at night in the garden, Rosie simply stands and stares. We see you Rosie…behind the shrubs.

Not a bit camera-shy!

Above and below. Nap time!

Loving a paddle


Dogs of Brixham

You’re just too cute. These cocker spaniels are besties, spending the day in Brixham. Love the shades!😎 (I offered to edit-out the owner, but, he too was happy to smile for my lens). Thank you.

And not far away, along the cobbled pathway opposite the harbour and enjoying the coolness of the shade… this friendly Golden Retriever’s warm smile made my day, while his little buddy wasn’t too sure what all the fuss was about.


Oozing with doggy character. And so friendly too!


Below: Behind that adorable face hid the deepest growl


Nice pirate hat

Little and large! Happy to say hi!

me ansum




Lively brown and white Springer Spaniel who just loves the sea

Below: The most loving and obedient dog I’ve ever met. She’s gorgeous. Loves doggy gravy bones! Brixham’s local girl.


And now… After a feast of sardines and doggy biscuits, my girls Lucy and Rosie looking pretty dapper after their bath and tidy up earlier, they were ready for a nap.

Thank you for dropping by. Before you go, you may like to treat the kids to a book or 3… mine of course 😘 View more detail on Amazon, here: The Adventures of Eric Seagull ‘Storyteller’

Eric Seagull-promo-3


Caz xx 😘



Caz Greenham Author Website The Adventures of Eric Seagull ‘Storyteller’ series

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