Horse riding is her passion! Our furry animals adore her: Meet my special guest, Sophie Payne!

img_0685-1My special guest has the twinkliest eyes, and the warmest smile. Meet my eldest Granddaughter, fifteen-year-old Sophie.

Sophie’s love of horses began when she was a little girl aged six-years-old. It began during a sunny day at the beach with her mum, dad, and brother. Noticing a sign, ‘Donkey Rides’ Sophie soon found herself enjoying a donkey ride across the soft sandy beach. She was hooked: and desperately wanted to try her hand at horse riding.

Sophie’s first horse riding lesson took her on a woodland trail of natural beauty. At age six, she was the youngest rider in the group that day. And now, a teenager, she’s a competent rider.

I asked Sophie how she felt the first time she sat in the saddle atop a horse. She told me, “I was so nervous, but, excited too. I rode one of the smaller horses.”

Today, we’re taking a trip back in time… in no particular order!

Sophie’s Diary!

A younger Sophie…party time! And halloween!

When Sophie’s not riding or helping out at the riding stables… she holidays in style with her family.

Clothes shopping…always welcome! Fun times!

Teenager, at last ❤️

Had the nails done too! Sophie knows how to celebrate in style.

Beautiful nails, Sophie 💕

From tot to teen! Always smiling 💕


Sophie’s cake making is simply the best

Tasted delicious too!

Pretty good at candle making!

and makes stunning jewellery 

Every girl’s secret wish… Sophie’s moment of fame


ready to party (bottom photos: ready for the school prom)

Arty, Sophie #school-project

and back in the saddle

younger rider ❤️

Dreams do come true

Well done, Sophie! We’re all so very proud of you 

I asked if she’d had any scary moments while riding, she told me, ‘When I was about ten-years-old, I fell from a horse named Blue. My foot got trapped in the stirrup and he dragged me along the ground. I remember the fear, but, I got back in the saddle and continued my  lesson. My dad was filming me jumping low hurdles at the time. I think he was as scared as I was when he saw me fall. It’s all on camera. It didn’t put me off riding.’


Some time after that,  Sophie had quite a serious fall, which landed her in spiky brambles. She went to hospital that time. A scary moment for her family that time. But, resilient as ever, Sophie was soon off her crutches and painkillers; only to be back riding once again. We are all so very proud of your courage and commitment, Sophie! Though I have to say, the first time I saw Sophie on a horse when she was only six, it scared me silly. #ProudGrannyMoment

It hasn’t all be plain sailing ~ perhaps I should say, ‘riding’  ❤️ Sophie’s huge disappointment hit her hard when the riding stables she’d come to know and love for so many years, closed. A sad time realising she wouldn’t see her four-legged-friends again ~ she’d known them by name for so long

Sophie’s determined parents went on a search…and finally found riding stables not too far from their home. It wasn’t long before Sophie was back in the saddle, again.



A family fun day!img_0662

I’ve really enjoyed your Diary, Sophie. Hope you did too. #ProudGrannyMoments ❤️


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