Birthday wishes…17 today! Meet my gorgeous Grandson, Footballer, Kieran!

He’s tall. Handsome. And looks fabulous in his suit. Meet my eldest Grandson, Kieran.


1173846_501009509992848_1448319577_n17 today! Happy Birthday, Kieran!

Kieran’s been a keen footballer ever since he could walk. Football crazy some might say. A great team player who’s already enjoyed enormous success playing in local football teams. Striker, he told me earlier, is his favourite position. Not surprising considering he scored a whopping 19 goals last season. Well done! He’s also an experienced left mid-field player.

kieran (4th from the left) with his team mates. Looking smart modelling their new kit ❤️


A much younger Kieran, below, …determined as ever to get that goal…

Kieran. Footballer.

Kieran’s a Bristol Rovers supporter: same as his dad. But, his ultimate football hero is Cristiano Ronaldo. A Portuguese international who currently plays for Real Madrid team in Spain. I asked him, why this player? ‘He’s my favourite player because he used to play for Manchester United; a team I support now. He was my favourite player then too. I’ve continued to support him ever since.’



Today, we’re taking a trip back through the years…photos tell a thousand stories.

Proud moments! Fun photos! Family fun! In no particular order.

Photo: The Memorial Stadium. Kieran and Ollie Clarke. Bristol Rovers player.


Photo: David Beasant and a young Kieran looking excitedly proud. Football trophy Presentation at a local football club.


Photo: Year 6 Leavers’ disco at school (kindly arranged and organised by Kieran’s mum and her friend) A good time was had by all. Lots of friends joined Kieran for a fabulous party. (I haven’t posted any group photos).


Photo: Family fun! Celebrating Kieran’s dad’s 40th birthday, at the pub. And no, Kieran’s not really drinking that pint of lager. We all enjoyed a fabulous birthday meal inside.


Enjoying a pint (again) …with his dad…a pint of cocoa-cola! Holiday time, abroad, with his family. Sweltering heat by the look of you both, Kieran. (Pint of lager looks refreshing, Justin).


Below: A more recent photo: taken April 2016. My youngest Grandson, Ethan, with  Kieran. A special photo of you both together. An early 6th birthday celebratory meal at the Prince William, in Brixham. Behind the camera and out of view; and probably at the bar **laughs** is Kieran’s mum, dad, sister, and grampy.


Below: A proud moment. An article published in the local newspaper. Kieran’s ‘hit the headlines’ Yep! That’s our boy in the photo wearing the yellow shirt!


Football is definitely Kieran’s game! A team photo-shot. Fun. Happy days. I’m not sure if this was take before or after the match. If it was after, I can only assume they Won judging from their smiley faces.


Above photo: A fun game of crazy golf with the family. Looks like you might’ve won.

I love these holiday photos. Especially as I’ve never been on a plane. Whenever there’s fun to be had, you’ll always find Kieran having a good time. Travelling by plane, and enjoying superb food and splendid views from their hotel…coming next.

 And then the holiday begins…

Back in the UK and it’s time for more fun and laughter in Brixham Bay. Cousins enjoying a bit of a laugh on the beach. I love this photo. Taken April 2016 at the Breakwater.


Above: random footie photos. Left: Kieran soon joins the locals at his holiday destination for a kick around ~~ Right: watching Man. Utd. Translated for those in faraway lands, Manchester United. I did edit this photo. Kieran was actually standing with his friends at the time.

 Love the football trainers!

And when he’s not kicking a ball about, he’s enjoying a game of tenpin bowling with his mates…

Chillin’ and wearing his smart white football kit, Kieran’s watching a game on screen… as you’d expect.

 Every picture tells a different story. Photo memories last forever.

Thank you for joining me on my blog today, Kieran. I’ve enjoyed every minute. I hope you did too.

Lastly, for those of you who appreciate poetry. A poem written by Kieran. Published by his primary school. Copyrighted to Kieran Payne 2017. No copying permitted.


I love your poem, Kieran. What’s more…readers…it was published before my poem. **smiles proudly** #ProudGrannyMoment naturally. ❤️

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