Specs…spex…spectacles ~ Caz is glasses free… Delighted!

IMG_8370I’ve been wearing glasses 🤓 for yonks…at least 20 years. Distance got fuzzy. One day, long ago, and with my eldest daughter in the passenger seat beside me on our way home from work during the wintry six o’clock rush hour, I thought nothing of winding my driver’s window down as we approached roundabouts. It was dark! It wasn’t until years later, I confessed to her during a cuppa tea and cake,  that I couldn’t see anuff while driving in the dark. Gasps! True!

Sensibly, I did the right thing: went to the opticians. Besides needing glasses for distance, and reading, I have a condition called night blindness. No other optician has since mentioned it. It’s inherited from my Grandfather, apparently. A difficulty seeing in the dark. Everything looks ‘pitch black’ ~ the reason I don’t relish driving at night. And rarely do.

Moving on…a year ago I began forgetting to wear my glasses when I went off on my dog walk with my 2 cocker spaniels. Strange things began to happen. No fuzziness. Everywhere I looked it was as clear as a bell. I could hardly believe my eyes – excuse the pun. Gradually, I’ve worn my specs less and less around the house. I soon realised I didn’t need them to look across the road, watch the sparrows, blackbirds, or (Eric) seagulls on nextdoor’s roof. Hey ho! Things were 👀  looking up. Once or twice, I announced to my husband as I drove him to his hospital appointment, “bugger, I’ve left my glasses home!” His casual reply, ‘drive slowly then’ 😘

I needn’t have worried about forgetting to wear me specs, after all. During my optician appointment yesterday. I hurriedly explained my news. I could see quite, er, very, clearly without my glasses. Quickly adding, ‘same thing happened to my ole dad when he was about the same age.’

Yes! Result! My pupils have narrowed. And, there’s more good news. My dodgy left eye has also mysteriously improved. Would be fabulous if I could also read without the need of specs. I doubt that will happen. But, I’m delighted with the findings. Who wouldn’t be? Wearing glasses while out walking in the rain is a bloody nuisance. Never mind the steaming up of the lens.

So…my current glasses (I have many) have been ‘converted’ to enable me to wear as sunglasses, to also be able to read in or outside, and become clear again when I go into shops: I can read labels! Hey ho! Thank you, Spex Opticians. Lovely people. IMG_8785

‘Tis said, our eyes are the mirror of one’s soul. I believe that too. Eyes tell a story. Show our happiness. Eyes tell the world if we’re sad. Can also tell doctors/specialists about certain illnesses. Marvellous. Clever stuff. We must all look after our eyes. Get them checked regularly. I’m glad I do.


I’m now so fascinated by eyes, I’ve set myself a task. Comparing my family’s eyes 👀I’ve discovered my youngest Granddaughter, Emily, who will be two in August, and born on the same day as my Grandmother Beatrice that she has inherited my eyes. Same eyes. I’ve always thought how beautiful her eyes were…o’course she takes after her Granny Caz. I discovered this yesterday when I put these two cropped photos side by side.


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