Brixham Battery Gardens! ‘And the dogs went too!’

Off on my jolly…and my dogs went too!

Tails a-wagging (my dogs o’course) Lucy and Rosie took me for a walk to the Battery Gardens. A short walk from my home. Beneath the most beautiful blue skies and occasional bobtail clouds over Brixham Bay, we took in the ambience of stunning sea views, salty sea air (that cleared my sniffly-hayfever-nose) which brought a peachy warm glow to me cheeks! As always, I snapped away on my iPhone. All photos are by me, Caz.

Brixham Battery Gardens oozes history. An open space on the seashore here in Brixham. A traditional observation point where locals, and holidaymakers (Grockles) gather whatever the weather. Come rain, shine, drizzle, sleet, brilliant sunshine (you get the idea) folk gather for the finest views across the Bay.

The 14-acre site of Battery Gardens was first used as a battery in 1586 during the war between England and Spain. The Battery was not permanently armed but was certainly ‘active’ throughout the American War of Independence during the 1780s and the Napoleonic War against France during the first decade of the 19th century. The Battery was also used by the Coast Guard for gunnery training during the 1870s. It’s no wonder visitors flock here in their droves during summer, mostly. Autumn at the Battery is just as magical. So many tall trees. I love to listen to the winds rustling the leaves to the ground. But, I am not a winter person. Summer is my favourite time. A refreshing sea breeze is guaranteed to blow away any cobwebs…clears my head. Refreshing. Good for the soul.

If you visit Brixham, do go along to the Battery Gardens. Lots of benches to sit down on and stare out across the bay. You’ll see ships, yachts, little boats, maybe the Brixham Ferry…exhilerating views. I love a ferry ride from Brixham to Torquay. Fabulous!

A few photos I took this morning:

Thanks for dropping by 🌞

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