Good ‘early’ morning all! Daylight at 4.30a.m? Nah!

Good morning dear friends…

…Can’t believe I’m sitting here munching wholemeal toast with thick butter and scrummy marmalade at this hour. Well, I’m not entirely alone, of course. Sharing my toast with my eldest bestie, Lucy-dog. Little Rosie-dog is fast asleep. They’re cocker spaniels. Getting on a bit now. Age 10 and 11.

Why did I get up so early? I’m retired. A granny to four. Yep, I’m an author, but, not one who usually gets up early in the morning to start writing the next best seller. However, I must say, while on the subject of writing: Book 2. A Fairy’s Wish and Book 3 The Christmas Circus were placed on Amazon’s Best Seller List (top 100) at 69. And 70. Found under Children’s books. Birds. E-books. I was so delighted I took a screenshot of the Amazon page. Why under Birds? I hear you say. I write The Adventures of Eric Seagull ‘Storyteller’ set in beautiful Brixham Bay, and where I live. By the sea. Hence, Birds Listing; just to mention one of a few. To those of you who have bought my books, A Fairy’s Wish book 2. or, The Christmas Circus book 3. A huge thank you. Your support is greatly appreciated. If you’ve a moment or three, perhaps you would leave a few (nice) comments on Amazon (reviews). I have to say, Book 1. The Mysterious Sea Creatures is my favourite out of the three in the series. I’m not sure if authors have favourites, generally speaking – I may change my mind next week, o’course!

Glancing out of the window, I spy the rain ☔️ has finally stopped beating down. Grey Brixham clouds seem to be clearing. IMG_8521.JPGWell, it’s pretty windy up there in the sky. I’m quite surprised my garden parasols haven’t blown over. One did just that yesterday afternoon. Crashed into the trellis. No damage to the Jasmin, thankfully.

Dogs have now dozed off and sleeping soundly. No snoring from the other room. One of the reasons I got up so early 😉 And, of course, heavy rain lashing against the window pane. Time to make my first coffee of the day. I’ve got a rather stunning new glass…yes…glass, kettle. Blue LED lights. Rather elegant, I know. IMG_8519.JPG

Enjoy your day.

Chat again soon. Feel free to leave a comment below. Or wherever the comment box is.



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2 thoughts on “Good ‘early’ morning all! Daylight at 4.30a.m? Nah!”

  1. I absolutely love the kettle, Tracy. Great suppliers too. Responded quickly with my query when it developed an intermittent fault. Sent me a new kettle. Thanks for dropping by today. Caz



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