11 thoughts on “Roses…so many varieties. My Brixham garden.

  1. Hi Natalie. I love furry bumbles. Something magical about them. When I was about ten years old, I did a handstand on the front lawn of my parents house. Got stung on the hand, and then, as I stood up the Bee went up my school blouse. Stung me again on the shoulder. Bees can sting twice. I’m proof of that. Vinegar to the rescue.

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  2. Hi Caz! Oh my goodness! What a freakish event to get stung twice! I got stung on my face near my eye when I was a little girl and then once more. It happened after waiting for 50 years to go to Paris that I got stung the first morning as I stepped off the metro onto the Pont Alexandre bridge! But a penny to the rescue and the hurt was short lived and nothing could have spoiled Paris for me anyway. Have a blessed week! 😊❤️

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  3. Paris…how wonderful. Hope you have many photos to remind you. I’m off to walk my 2 cocker spaniels soon’ in our Brixham sunshine! Hope the sun shines on you today. 🌝🌞

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  4. It was and it had been a life long dream that I had given up on. But the Lord hadn’t! I’ve actually been twice now and yes I have lots and lots of photos and good memories! Oh it was very sunny here today and hot. The usual hot hot hot Texas summer is coming fast now. Enjoy your beautiful garden! 😊❤️

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